Cannabis Relieves Tinnitus-related Symptoms: Study Finds


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A new study has found that cannabis can help to relieve tinnitus, a condition which though considered mild is usually difficult to treat. Tinnitus is simply described as a constant ringing sound in the ears that can’t be heard by anyone else other than the patient. If left untreated, tinnitus may lead to insomnia, fatigue, memory problems and even depression. How does cannabis relieve tinnitus? According to a recently published study, increasingly more patients are seeking relief for tinnitus symptoms from cannabis. Researchers issued questionnaires to patients attending a tertiary neuro-otology. The questionnaire had 18 questions assessing the perception and attitude towards cannabis use as well as cannabis usage patterns.

A total of 45 patients participated in the study; 31 females and 14 males. Out of all the participants, 96% expressed willingness to use cannabis in managing tinnitus. From the 45, 22 patients were actively using cannabis at the time of the study. 80% of those using cannabis reported significant relief in managing the following symptoms:

  •  Dizziness

  • Anxiety

  • Bodily pain

  • Sleep disturbances

However, the participants expressed concern over the cost of cannabis and long-term health and psychosocial side effects. The results of the study were published in the Journal of Otolaryngology – Head & Neck Surgery, in February 2023. This being the first to investigate cannabis use among patients suffering from tinnitus, its sets precedence for future studies in this area.

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